Parents as partners



Parents are the most important people in children’s lives and they have a wealth of valuable information
and understandings regarding their children.
We have an open door policy at Little Voyagers Childcare, however due to COVID19 restrictions we have
had to change this temporarily, families are no longer authorised to enter our childcare areas. While our building may be closed to you as parents/guardians/visitors at the moment, our service remains open and working for you. We keep in regular communication with families on a daily basis to let you know how things are going. We will take lots of photos of activities your child is engaged in and we will share the photos with you as usual through the Child Paths app.

Parents are invited to contribute in other appropriate ways to the successful development of the service, e.g becoming a member of Ardfert Community Council CLG Committee or a fundraising sub-committee.


Our Childpaths App is the most effective form of communicating with staff both in real time and if you want to send a message for the following day etc. You can message the staff member directly or to a specific  room for all of the staff. We cannot
emphasise how important it is to use this fantastic means of communication. It is also the primary means
of communication that we use and  daily notes or special requests will be sent via the App so parental
involvement is key.

We also can be contacted by phone or email and will respond in a timely manner to any queries you may have.

Procedures to encourage parental involvement

  • Parents are provided with a handbook giving details of the service before the child starts at the service.
  • Parents are welcome to visit the service at any time ( Temporarily  meetings must  be prearranged due to Covid-19)
  • Staff members are available to discuss any concerns a parent may have regarding their child and the service

Settling In

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have been advised that no parents are allowed into the building. We have made it possible  to accommodate creche viewings with prospective parents through arranging visits outside of creche opening hours. Once we have confirmed the allocation of a place for your child we will be able to arrange  visits in our sports hall, where we can allow for the social distancing. This will give our new parents an opportunity to meet with our staff, introduce their children and allow practitioners to discuss with you how best to manage your child’s transition into our Creche.