8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday (Early drop-off at 07.30 available upon request)

Open 51 weeks per year. Closing on bank holidays & 1 week at Christmas/New year.


6 months-  6 years

Available Schemes:

Subsidized places are available through National Childcare Scheme. For more information speak to the childcare manager.


Our crèche consists of a large room subdivided into two rooms.

Our Rainbow Room caters  for children aged 6 months to 1.5 years.

The remaining space is  for children aged 1.5+.

We also have a designated sleep room, a changing room and access to our own kitchen. Hygiene is maintained to a very high standard.


Babies’ Area:

 [6 months – 1.5 years] Babies and toddlers have their own bright and cheerful space which provides a safe and tactile environment to develop a baby’s natural curiosity. They are free to crawl, wobble or toddle and play with a variety of toys designed specifically for their age. They enjoy both a stimulating environment and also time for quiet activity. Our crawlers and wobblers are included in circle time with the older children  to promote a sense of belonging and strengthen social interactions.

Our Baby Room also has its own sleeping area to ensure that naps are peaceful. This is a quiet and relaxing space for children to wind down and rest under supervision. Procedures and rotas are in place for regularly checking sleeping babies.

Toddlers’ Area:  

[Children aged 1.5 years +]

In this space the children have plenty of room for independent play. The curriculum adheres to the key principles of Aistear and Siolta. Each week is structured around a learning theme that is incorporated into our morning and evening activities, such as story time and sing-songs, messy play, and arts and crafts. A large variety of toys encourage your child to use their imagination while learning through play.  We promote sharing, friendship, good manners, helping each other, problem solving and other social skills.

A day in our Toddler Room features structured and free play, along with fun challenges designed to develop little minds, and set meal times and rest periods. Story-telling and circle time encourage the development of your child’s linguistic skills, with dancing, role-play, table-top activities and much more to keep young children stimulated.  Our quiet time and reading corner allows the children to wind down and relax whenever they need it!


Outdoor Area :

We have our own outdoor play area to make sure your little one doesn’t miss out on the benefits of sunshine and fresh air. This sheltered outdoor area is accessible  directly from our creche. We also have access to a large green area across the road from our creche where we spend the majority of summer days!

Indoor Hall :

The indoor  sports hall allows us to play inside and burn off energy  all year round, regardless of the weather. The hall creates opportunities for ride on toys, slides, parachute games, small and large group work, running, ball play, yoga, dancing and the critical

development of fine and gross motor skills.